Fun Ways in Which You Can Style Laces And Make A Statement

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27 Jan 2016
Fun Ways in Which You Can Style Laces And Make A Statement

There is something about laces, which makes you look girly and classy without you having to try too hard. That easily makes a lacey outfit a must-have in your wardrobe. Think of all the times you needed to dress up for an important event, but wasn’t sure what to wear? Well, anything in lace is bound to make you look and feel dressy in no time. So here are a few ways in which you can style laces, effortlessly.

1. 1. Casual And Sexy White Top

1.	Casual And Sexy White Top

Pic Courtesy: Actress Rose Byrne looks absolutely gorgeous in this white full sleeve lace top, which she teamed with a black skirt. The reason her top is standing out so much is because of the sexy black bralette she is wearing underneath. You can opt for a white one too.

2. 2. Statement Gown

2.	Statement Gown

Pic Courtesy: Wearing a gown is the easiest way to make a statement on the red carpet or for any important event. But add a little lace to it and you’re bound to become the show-stopper. Just like Deepika Padukone in this emerald blue lace gown.

3. 3. Saree All The Way

3.	Saree All The Way

Pic Courtesy: When in doubt, wear a saree. A lace saree, to be precise. Not only does a saree bring out your feminine side, it makes you look more confident. So the next time you’re heading out, go the whole nine yards.

4. 4. Classy In A Cocktail Dress

4.	Classy In A Cocktail Dress

Pic Courtesy: What can go wrong in a lace cocktail dress? Nothing. One of the easiest ways in which you can look stunning is go for a lace cocktail dress, like the beautiful Scarlett Johansson. It will accentuate your figure and the lace will give you a flirty look.

5. 5. Lace On Lace

5.	Lace On Lace

Pic Courtesy: Emma Watson beautifully teams up her lace crop top with a lace skirt. The pockets in her skirt add a bit of quirkiness. While you can skip the pocket part, you should definitely try the lace on lace trend.

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