Make Heads Turn This Derby Season Like These Celebs

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22 Feb 2016
Make Heads Turn This Derby Season Like These Celebs

Derby is often confused with something which is only reserved for the elite. But you never know when you’ll be invited for a derby match; it could be work related or just with friends. On such moments, don’t blank out on what outfit you should opt for ladies, as these actresses make it simple for you!

1. Monochrome Is The Safest Bet

Monochrome Is The Safest Bet

We all agree that blacks and whites are colors which blend well with all occasions, don’t we? Well, the same applies to when you dress up for Derby as well. Take out your white pencil skirt and team with a girly black blouse, it’s that simple! Accessorize it with a tote and black hat, like Tanisha Mukherji.

2. Keep It Frilly

Keep It Frilly

There’s something about frills which makes your outfit stand out. Case in point being Ash’s peach number. It’s no-nonsense yet gorgeous. On the other occasion, Ash opted for a white lace dress, with a matching hat. Which one do you like more? Pic courtesy: Pinterest

3. Effortless In Prints

Effortless In Prints

While most of us fret over how to accessorize our Derby look, Bebo cares the least bit about it. See how she went for printed maxi dress with a clutch, minus the hat which we think is a necessity at the Derby? Talk about being minimal and Bebo is the best at it. Pic courtesy: Pinterest

4. Black Can Never Go Wrong

Black Can Never Go Wrong

Black is undoubtedly a favorite when we’re running out of options or lack options altogether. Sonam Kapoor, who goes all out when it comes to dressing, keeps it subtle at a derby match, with a black dress teamed with a grey purse and hat.

5. Chic In Monotone

Chic In Monotone

Choosing the right outfit for your derby outing can be tricky, especially if it’s your first time. In such cases, take inspiration from Ileana D’cruz and Jacqueline Fernandez and go for a monotone look because too many colors will make you stand out, but not in a good way. Pic courtesy: Pinterest

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