Ranbir Kapoor’s BOLDEST Photoshoot Yet… And Here’s What He Wore!

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8 Sep 2016
Ranbir Kapoor’s BOLDEST Photoshoot Yet… And Here’s What He Wore!

Ranbir Kapoor has been making it to news for not-so-right reasons. The actor has given some flops in Bollywood, but if you expect that to diminish his charm then you have no idea how awesome this actor actually is! Ranbir recently posed for Vogue and boy did he leave our jaws gaping. Also, he wore some of the most premium fashion for the photoshoot…Let’s take a look!

1. When Ranbir Wore Prada

When Ranbir Wore Prada

They say a picture speaks thousand words. This one is no different. Ranbir has spoken about his alcohol problem with the media. But, how cool of him to do this! Ranbir is wearing Prada shirt and trousers.

2. Ranbir Wore All Blue

Ranbir Wore All Blue

In this shot Ranbir was styled in a Billionaire Couture shirt and matching blazer. The denim jeans are from Master Craft Union. Anaita Shroff Adajania did such a good job!

3. Ranbir Blushed In Pink!

Ranbir Blushed In Pink!

In this shot Anaita dressed Ranbir in Roberto Cavalli suit, shirt and pants. His shoes are from Louboutin! His Makeup throughout the shoot was done by Namrata Soni.

4. Ranbir Ate Some Cheerios In Dior

Ranbir Ate Some Cheerios In Dior

Ranbir looks like a complete casanova in this shot, doesn’t he? Well, goes synonymously with his image doing rounds in Bollywood, for sure! Ranbir is styled in Dior shirt and Tomas Maier sunglasses.

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