Bollywood Hotties Show Us How To Suit Up

Men’s Fashion

29 Jan 2016
Bollywood Hotties Show Us How To Suit Up

Nothing makes a woman go weak in her knees more than a man in a well-fitted suit. And you can’t deny the fact that wearing a suit raises your confidence levels, doesn’t it guys? Our Bollywood actors are the best examples of how a little mix and match with your suit and you’re bound to look red carpet-ready.

1. 1. Classic Grey Suit

1.	Classic Grey Suit

Pic Courtesy: A man’s wardrobe is incomplete without a grey suit, which spells classiness. You can go the Hrithik Roshan way and invest in a nice plain grey suit, or add some vintage feel to it like John Abraham and opt for a checkered grey suit.

2. 2. Stripe It Up

2.	Stripe It Up

Pic Courtesy: Effortless fashion seems to run in the Kapoor family. Just like daughter Sonam Kapoor, Anil Kapoor never fails to impress us with his choice of clothes. This striped blue shirt could only be carried with such confidence by Anil Kapoor.

3. 3. Risk it With Velvet

3.	Risk it With Velvet

Pic Courtesy: While most men are busy trying out suits of different colors, Ranbir Kapoor takes it a step forward by wearing a maroon velvet suit. However, make sure you wear a velvet suit only if the weather allows you to. You don’t want to wear it on a hot Summer day.

4. 4. Pair It With Funky Shirts

4.	Pair It With Funky Shirts

Pic Courtesy: When wearing a suit, the shirt you pair it with is equally important. You can give your plain white/black/beige shirt a miss and opt for a funky printed shirt with your suit, just like Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. Looks cool, doesn’t it?

5. 5. Bow-tie Is Your Best Friend

5.	Bow-tie Is Your Best Friend

Pic Courtesy: The best way to transform your dull suit into something wow-worthy is to wear a bow-tie with it. You can go for a complete formal look with a tuxedo et al like Imran Khan, or pair it with a quirky blazer like our very own Ranveer Singh.

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