The Kapoor Men In Bollywood Have Always Been Stylish…

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24 May 2016
The Kapoor Men In Bollywood Have Always Been Stylish…

The Kapoor family is one of the oldest in Bollywood. It started with Prithviraj Chauhan, a theatre actor, producing/directing/acting in motion pictures, a vocation his successors have been excelling in, since years. The Kapoor men have always been classy. Here’s a look at the Kapoor men who inspired the fashion choices of generations…

1. Rishi Kapoor, The Lover Boy

Rishi Kapoor, The Lover Boy

Rishi Kapoor’s loud pullovers, sweaters changed the style scene of an entire generation! Rishi Kapoor’s personal style seeped into his movies. Not many know that the actor has a fetish for sweaters (you don’t say!) and wore many sweaters from his own wardrobe and never once repeated them! Rishi Kapoor was experimental with his style and prints were his favourite. His sweaters were floral and paisley printed in films and he carried them with absolute panache. Whether it was red colour velvet Elvis Presley suit or just boxers and a t-shirt, Rishi Kapoor could look comfortable in anything you’d give him to wear.

2. Shammi Kapoor, India’s Elvis Presley

Shammi Kapoor, India’s Elvis Presley

Shammi Kapoor was strongly influenced by Elvis Presley. Shammi’s dance moves and body language was quite a direct copy of the legendary singer! However, the wacky craziness was limited to his personality. Shammi was known for his hairstyle, but not really for his clothes. Shammi wore his share of lightweight jackets and scarves, bringing in Western style in the 60s. It was much, much later that Shammi Kapoor developed the red teeka, rudraksh mala style that we always see him in.

3. Shashi Kapoor, The Suave Gentleman

Shashi Kapoor, The Suave Gentleman

Shashi Kapoor was primarily a theatre artist. He joined films much later. Shashi Kapoor was seen in muslin white kurta pyjamas often. A man with no air, Shashi was malleable in terms of looks, whatever his character demanded. In his films, Shashi was often the well-mannered, romantic hero who dressed conservatively on screen, dodging too many experiments with clothes or hair.

4. Raj Kapoor, The Awaara Chaplin

Raj Kapoor, The Awaara Chaplin

Raj Kapoor’s high waist, stunted pants, washed out coat, his hat and the famous moustache will remain etched in people’s minds. At the time, actors were influenced by American prima donnas and Raj’s inspiration was Charlie Chaplin. He came to known as the street hero, one who’d wear worn-off looking clothes. In his personal space, Raj Kapoor was the simplest man who wore simple kurtas to sets.

5. Ranbir Kapoor, The Contemporary Next-Door-Boy

Ranbir Kapoor, The Contemporary Next-Door-Boy

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The Kapoor men never had well-built, chiseled bodies to show off on screen. The Kapoor body type is lean, tall and fair. Ranbir Kapoor is a product of the same gene pool. The actor has never stressed on building muscles and abs. Just like his predecessors, he’s out of that competition. Ranbir Kapoor stepped into Bollywood as the cute boy-next-door. A true director’s actor, Ranbir changes his style in films as per his character in films. When he’s not on sets, Ranbir is seen in branded clothes but he keeps it casual, opting for suits only when it’s an absolute necessity.

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