It's Summer Vs Nargis: This Is How She Is Winning At It!


4 May 2016
It's Summer Vs Nargis: This Is How She Is Winning At It!

It is 39 degrees today and summer is playing its heat game on full swing now! Summer time usually sees people on the road with their backs all wet, face sweaty, and exhausted because of dehydration. But, not our Bollywood celebrities. No matter what season or day it is, stars always dazzle. The glow you see on their face – it’s not sweat – it’s the bronzer! And, one woman is acing this season with her style is Nargis Fakhri. The New York bred, Pakistani- Czechoslovakian actress is promoting Azhar as if summer’s got nothing on her… Let’s take a look at her outfits…

1. The Pastels

The Pastels

Nargis Fakhri and her stylist make sure the actress wears pastel colours a lot, to blend in with the season. Nargis tall but narrow frame makes halters look brilliant on her. She is blessed with a pair of shoulders that highlight just perfectly in this yellow and blue tie and dye H&M halter pencil dress.

2. Cut Outs

Cut Outs

This black backless, cut-out jumpsuit by Carousel by Simran Arya has plenty of room for air to keep Nargis’ skin sweat free. We love the outfit and how it accentuates Nargis’ shoulders, height and her long neck! However, this outfit has a risk of tanning her a little too much.

3. Easy Chic

Easy Chic

The last thing Nargis needs in this weather is a layered outfit, right? That’s exactly on her stylist Allia Al Rufai’s mind too! For one of the Azhar promotional events, Nargis was dressed in monochrome, no nonsense black and white striped crop top from Sense of Style with a pair of black easy breathe pants from H&M. The monochrome singlet shows off Nargis décolletage perfectly, doesn’t it?!

4. Overall Comfort

Overall Comfort

Nargis styled herself in an easy pair of overalls for one of the promotional events and teamed it with black Reebok sneakers. Just the perfect solution for summer, isn’t it? An overall is easy breezy giving her enough skin to breathe through when she’s out. Her hair is also tied in a ponytail, to save her from the hassle of pulling it back everytime it’s in her eye. We love this hassle-free ensemble!

5. The Chiffon Softness

The Chiffon Softness

We don’t quite know what this is called, but we love the AM:PM ensemble Nargis is wearing in this photo! The blue crop top with chiffon silk fabric drape that looks like a sari is absolutely amazing for summer, isn’t it? Again, we love the breezy part of this attire. The ensemble has two elements, but it looks super comfortable!

6. Slitastic


This is the latest one and we love it! But, this time Nargis gave summer a cold shoulder and dressed in a full sleeves Diesel Black Gold top with an Intrinsic pencil skirt with a daring slit! She’s black from top to bottom and wearing a full sleeved top, and has broken every summer wardrobe rule but she’s looking hot and we’re glad her priorities are in place!

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