Simple Style Hacks To Look Like A Celebrity On A Super Lazy Day!


17 Feb 2016
Simple Style Hacks To Look Like A Celebrity On A Super Lazy Day!

Lets’s face it ladies, we are not at the top of our game every day. We might feel like a glamorous queen one day, but on certain days we don’t feel like putting clothes at all! So, you think how celebrities manage to look swanky every time they step out? Rest assured they have bad days too! They just hide it brilliantly. Here’s a list of hacks straight from celebrity closets to camouflage the not-so-good days.

1. Back To Basics:

Back To Basics:

This will never ever go out of style. We don’t know who invented this trend, but we sure owe him/her a lot! When you’re down and out, have no motivation to dress up, put on a pair of denims/jeggings and a plain or printed white t-shirt. With different accessories this attire is A okay for travel, events and brunches too!

2. Layer Like You Mean It:

Layer Like You Mean It:

You think Sonam was all up for a couture look on the day she wore this? No! She chose to pair black denims an white shirt with a stand out jacket. Take a cue, girls. When you’re feeling lazy just grab a printed, maybe bright coloured jacket/shrug and you’re good to go! Layering is the swiftest way to look stylish on a slow day.

3. Hook It, Don’t Pin It:

Hook It, Don’t Pin It:

Do you want to feel as free as Alia does in this snap? Well, dungarees are your thing then. Girls, it doesn’t take too much to wear a pair of dungarees. A simple t-shirt (could be any colour) and a pair of denim/mixed cotton dungarees over it. Best part is dungarees can be styles with sneakers. Perfect hack for a lazy day!

4. One In Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush:

One In Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush:

On a lazy, slow day the last thing you need is fussing over matches and contrasts. Shirt dresses are perfect for such instances! Shirt dresses are smart and can be styled up or down according to your mood! Priyanka chose to style her skin colour shirt dress with chunky bracelets, a neckpiece and smoky eyes. You can wear the same dress sans chunky bracelets and put on a pair of comfy platform heels with it.

5. Sweatshirts & Tights Are God’s Gift To Humanity:

Sweatshirts & Tights Are God’s Gift To Humanity:

Sweatshirts keep you warm, cozy and hide all the extra flab you might have piled on after a little bit of fun over the weekend! Deepika smartly paired her grey sweatshirt with neon galaxy tights and she was ready to face the paparazzi! Tights and sweatshirts literally save a bad day like nothing else. Go crazy while buying your pairs of tights, girls. Make them as wacky as you can. Then pair them with your plain sweatshirts!

6. Leave It On A Loose Note:

Leave It On A Loose Note:

Having a bad day? Let’s put on a bandage dress…. Said NO woman. Seriously, when we’re having a bad day, we want to hide ourselves in the baggiest of clothes. Then palazzos came back in style and we heaved a sigh of relief! Palazzos can be matched with the simplest tops. They come in various colours and come high waisted too, giving that hip flab you might have a fun curvy layer.

7. Hat It And Boot It:

Hat It And Boot It:

On a bad day we hardly think of washing our hair and blow drying it to perfection. Nor do we think of wearing heels. The best option for a bad hair day is hats or caps! Leave your hair open or tie it and put on a hat and you’ve instantly hidden your oily scalp. Likewise, put on a pair of boots like DP with a pair of denims and you look stylish without doing anything!

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