5 Style Lessons From The Strongest Female Characters In Bollywood

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7 Sep 2016
5 Style Lessons From The Strongest Female Characters In Bollywood

Since a few years we have been witnessing a positive wave of change in Bollywood where women are not just show pieces on screen, but a significant part of the film. In fact, some films did very well at the Box Office, despite of them having a female protagonist. These lead female characters are usually bad ass and superbly strong. Let’s take some style lessons from them, why don’t we..!

1. Sonakshi Sinha In Akira

Sonakshi Sinha In Akira

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Sonakshi Sinha’s style her most recent film Akira is simple – a pair of leggings, a kurti and a vest over it. She accessorized with silver finger rings. We love this simple yet striking look of Sonakshi’s in Akira. A -college student in the film, Sonakshi’s style stays true to her character – a girl for Jaipur in the big city. She punches the daylights out of men in the film and does it effortlessly in those tights!

2. Sri Devi In English Vinglish

Sri Devi In English Vinglish

Sri Devi changed the scene for older Indian actresses in Bollywood with English Vinglish! Such a fantastic and milestone film it was in Bollywood’s ethos. In the film Sri Devi emerges from a timid house wife to one who gains self confidence in life. But, did you notice? Her attitude changed in the film, but her style didn’t . Till the end she wore those elegant sarees, pleated nicely on her shoulder. It just goes to say that a good, strong character doesn’t need the trendiest of clothes to stand out!

3. Priyanka Chopra In Mary Kom

Priyanka Chopra In Mary Kom

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Priyanka Chopra played the North Eastern sportswoman Mary Kom in Omung Kumar’s film. The character juggled between home, her husband, kids and boxing! The film taught us that a woman can lives her traditional weaves, sarees and comfortable clothes at home. But, when time comes to hussle, we mustn’t shy away from wearing those tracks and t-shirts!

4. Vidya Balan In Kahaani

Vidya Balan In Kahaani

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Vidya Balan looked stunning even without doing much in the film Kahaani. Her flowing mixed print maxis looked stunning throughout! Vidya, in Kahaani, tells us that each one of us have a unique personality and that we must pay attention to it. Style is not just about fashion. It is an extension of your personality and it definitely does good to dress the way you like!

5. Kangana Ranaut In Queen

Kangana Ranaut In Queen

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Kangana Ranaut in Queen was a protected girl who went on a Europe tour all by herself! That must’ve been scary for ‘Rani’. While Rani wore her kurtas in the beginning of the film, she gradually opened up to Western clothing and wore lovely skirts and tops and maxis by the end of the lovely movie. Rani teaches us that we should always be adaptive with change. If life teaches us something, we should accept it and imbibe it in our life.

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